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Adtel - a RMC case study

The ADTEL Group, Edmonton’s leader in audio communications, has been instrumental in crafting the finest audio experiences for shoppers, callers and listeners across the audiosphere since 1982.

The Ask

ADTEL had been struggling with their website for years. They felt it was outdated, and the previous company they had hired to design their site was unable to capture what made ADTEL unique — their several divisions that enable them to truly make their clients stand out and create an atmosphere conducive to productivity and sales. In addition, ADTEL also needed content rewritten to be more SEO focused in order to bring new traffic to their website.

The Solution

Complete Website Redesign

From the top down, we recommended a complete redesign to ADTEL’s website based on nothing but their logo. Over the course of the project, we worked closely with the ADTEL team to produce a design that was true to ADTEL’s existing brand while providing a breath of fresh air to it.

SEO Copywriting

Although ADTEL’s website was already populated with informative copy, we noticed that each page seemed unfocused in the message they were trying to deliver. We researched ADTEL’s competitors across Canada and rewrote each page with a more targeted approach, inserting the necessary keywords to reach ADTEL’s specific audience.


250% Website Speed Increase

Plagued by a clunky, slow design, we leveraged the power of Elementor and other powerful, lightweight plugins to massively increase Adtel’s website speed and deliverability.

A Lasting Partnership

Since project completion, ADTEL has hired us to make alterations to their site and trusted us to design websites for their other businesses.

382% Increase in Organic Keywords

By refocusing the copy and increasing overall website page speed, we were able to favourably change how Google perceived ADTEL’s online efforts, leading in a massive increase in SEO and organic traffic.

Opportunity is ringing

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