Fueling their Growth

The BVD Group - A RMC Case Study

The BVD Group has been in business for over 20 years, building their reputation by offering great products at even better prices. They provide their customers with the tools they need to build their own truck fleet businesses, including several subdivisions like BVD Equipment Finance, BVD Capital and others. In addition, they own one of the largest fuel networks in North America with over 850 partnered locations.

The Ask

BVD Group wanted to expand their brand, which meant creating more content that would engage customers and help them find information about the company. They contacted us initially to create high-quality social media content for their Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn pages that would help them reach new audiences in their industry, as well as connect even better with their existing following. They were so impressed with our initial work, they hired us to take on even more projects including logo design and copywriting.

The Solution

Social Media Marketing

From the top down, we recommended a complete redesign to ADTEL’s website based on nothing but their logo. Over the course of the project, we worked closely with the ADTEL team to produce a design that was true to ADTEL’s existing brand while providing a breath of fresh air to it.


Although ADTEL’s website was already populated with informative copy, we noticed that each page seemed unfocused in the message they were trying to deliver. We researched ADTEL’s competitors across Canada and rewrote each page with a more targeted approach, inserting the necessary keywords to reach ADTEL’s specific audience.

Logo Design

As BVD was growing, they were adding new divisions within their company. For one of their new divisions, they required a new logo. The division was called BVD Equipment Finance, and given our knowledge of their company, we were the obvious choice for crafting its new identity. The logo was required within two weeks, and we delivered them a stunning logo that was approved with virtually zero revisions, and is the current face of that division to this day.


A striking new identity

The BVD Group now enjoys a strong, individual (yet clearly still BVD) brand identity for their successful new equipment finance division

797% Increase in Keywords from March 2022 - Feb 2023

As a direct result of Rocky Mountain Creative’s copywriting work, BVD has seen exponential increase in ranked keywords which started shortly after our copy went live on their new website. From March 2022 to Feb 2023, they went from ranking for 100 keywords to 867 keywords. That’s a 767% increase!

More time on what matters

By creating engaging content that is on-brand for them every month, we were able to give the BVD team more time to focus on other initiatives that would move the needle for their corporation.

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