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Imbue Esthetics - A RMC Case STudy

Patricia from Imbue Esthetics reached out to us at the beginning stages of her business. As one of our first clients, we helped her take her esthetics practice from a spare room and dream to one of Calgary’s most respected estheticians. We’re proud to say we’ve helped her every step of the way since 2015.

The Ask

Over the years, Patricia has entrusted nearly every aspect of her digital marketing to Rocky Mountain Creative. As a single mother of three kids, she didn’t have the time to dedicate to designing a website herself and needed help navigating the complex web design and social media world.

We love working with new businesses and getting them started off on the right foot, so we happily got to work right away.

The Solution

Responsive web design and logo design since 2015

We’ve designed three websites for Patricia as her business has evolved and changed, and we’ve provided her with just as many logos. Each and every website was designed with Patricia’s meticulous feedback at the forefront, and the result was a website she absolutely loved (and was proud to show off to clients) every single time.

Website Maintenance

More than just branding services, Patricia has been able to call us and entrust any web design issues to us for over seven years. We’re proud to say that we’ve given Patricia peace of mind with her website and more time to develop her incredible business with her family.


A lifelong Friendship

When Patricia got married, she couldn’t find a photographer last minute — so she gave us a call, and we actually photographed her wedding. We had such a fantastic time meeting everyone, and we felt so incredibly honored to receive that call. To this day, we work with Patricia consistently, and hopefully, always will.

A team she can rely on

Twice we've worked with Patricia to change her logo, branding and website to evolve with her business as it's grown over the years.

More time on what matters

Being a parent and a business owner is tough, to say the least. We've been able to save her countless hours on learning how to do a website/designing a logo on her own, and doing it right.

massive business growth

Since starting in 2015, Patricia has become a respected and highly sought after esthetician in Calgary. The work we've done for her business has been instrumental in her incredible growth.

Experience the Power of Strategic Digital Marketing

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