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Innovative Well Abandonment - A RMC Case Study

Innovative Well Abandonment (IWA) provides Oilfield services, particularly oil well decommissioning, cut & cap, pile cutting, and others, all leveraging their patented hydro-cutting jet. Their patented dual hydro-cutting tool cuts through cement, steel, and other durable materials faster than anyone else in the game.

The Ask

IWA’s mission is to return the earth to its natural state; that is, the way it was before oil wells and the accompanying infrastructure tarnished it.

As a new company that fully supports responsible oil & gas initiatives, it was important that IWA represented its brand in a way that showed its respect for the industry, but highlighted the inevitable damage caused — and how IWA is perfectly positioned to fix it.

The Solutions

Creating a brand identity

What started with a logo has since turned into a 6+ year partnership. Three websites, hundreds of social media posts, and a logo later, we’ve established a consistent, solid brand presence across Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and their website. As a result, IWA is a known and trusted company in its field, and is an industry leader in Well Abandonment services.

Social Media Content and Management

While most of their business comes from their website and word of mouth, IWA recognizes the importance of an active social media account for brand appearances and to highlight work done for their community. With consistent wording, branding, and photography, we’ve created a living collage that allows investors and clients to get a feel for the incredible environmentally-driven work that IWA does.

Website Design

From scratch, we’ve designed three websites for Innovative Well Abandonment. Why three? As one of our earliest clients, they grew alongside us, and they trusted us to design their website each time — the greatest testimonial we could ever be given. What began as a simple three-page website has evolved into a multi-page, lead-generating machine that brings in hundreds of clicks a month via
beautiful design, careful search engine optimization (SEO), and Google Ads.

SEO Copywriting

A website is virtually useless if it doesn’t get traffic, a fact well-known by most business/website owners. IWA commissioned us to research, write and deploy all of the currently existing web copy on their website. The result has been several highly specific service pages each devoted to a unique service (and keyword) provided by IWA with the goal of reaching their target audience and ultimately, new clients. 


A distinguished brand identity

We turned IWA from an idea on paper into a living, breathing logo and brand. Since our initial design, the IWA team has gone on to become an industry leader in Western Canada.

Peace Of mind

The IWA team has trusted us to maintain their websites, social media platforms, and email administration for nearly a decade. They know that if something goes wrong, we're on it.

Over 2000 Monthly Web Visitors

We've leveraged Paid Search (Google Ads), SEO, Web Design, Copywriting and Social Media Content Creation to get IWA the ideal customers they're looking for.

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