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Leave a mark in your space with a logo that gets remembered. Your logo should warm your heart and light a fire within you and your customers. Our experienced design team will help you get there.

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We strongly believe that a good logo involves collaboration between the designer and the client. This is why we take the time to listen to you and tell us what makes your business unique, why you’re passionate about it, and what your overall vision is before combining all of these elements with our talented designers. The result? High-quality, beautiful and timeless logos at a reasonable price.

Make the most of your first impression

The logo design process

We begin the process by getting to know you and your business. We ask you the right questions to help define your unique value proposition, core business values, and your place within the industry so we can transform all these abstract ideas into something concrete.

A restaurant logo in Kalispell will look different from an oil industry logo in Edmonton. That’s why we do extensive research on the logos in your industry, discover awesome ideas, and combine them with the uniqueness of your brand. By researching the industry, we understand where your logo will be in the marketplace and how we can make you stand out.

With all the research and planning out of the way, we get to the best part — the creative process. We brainstorm, sketch, and mock your logo, presenting you with two or three logo iterations. From there, you should have an idea of how the final product is going to look.

We apply your feedback on any or all of the presented logos. Sometimes it’s a simple tweak; other times, it’s a series of revisions. Either way, we only move past this phase once you’re completely satisfied.

Once your logo is finished, we deliver it in all the appropriate formats for use, including PNG, SVG, EPS & PDF files. You’ll also get a custom style sheet with your logo’s color palette & fonts, so you can make future branding projects a breeze.


Your brand identity is extremely important, and your logo is at the center of it. Your logo is everywhere — bags, business cards, shirts, you name it — it’s working for you 24/7. Are you going to trust someone inexperienced with something so vital to your business?

We’ve designed logos for clients in virtually every industry, including oil & gas, beauty, pets, healthcare, outdoors & more.

Each project is approached specifically for your business goals,  you can expect a range of $800-$1500  for a high-quality logo that will help your business grow.

We offer three logos in the revision phase and refine them to one primary logo with two colorways.

Although we are based in Kalispell, Montana, we serve clients throughout the United States and Canada. Most of our clients are on the east coast, and we work well with your timetables in your time zones on your schedules.

We will specify the delivery date during the creative phase, and most deliveries are within three weeks. Factors impacting delivery time include your response time and how many revisions you require.

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