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Are you ready to print money? Email automation is one of the most powerful marketing tools you can leverage with almost zero ongoing effort. By creating a series of automatically-delivered emails that drip-feeds customers along your buying journey, you can automatically nourish customer relationships and manifest die-hard brand advocates out of strangers.

By creating a custom-tailored onboarding experience for each customer, you will rapidly cultivate trust, relationships, and increased sales in record time.


E-Commerce Brands Lose $18 Billion in Sales Revenue Each Year Because of Cart Abandonment. (in small print) Source:

Uniquely Powerful Brand Experiences

Each customer is unique and shouldn’t be handled with a one-size-fits-all approach. We create custom flows that branch out depending on certain customer traits (such as age, gender, repeat buyer, or new customer), ensuring you are speaking your customer’s language and taking advantage of all opportunities. From a personalized welcome email series that onboards new subscribers to abandoned cart flows that salvage an otherwise doomed sale, automated email marketing flows are essential to any successful marketing strategy.

Your competition is capitalizing on the power of automated email flows; why aren’t you? Contact us today and start building your brand through email automation! 


Email automation is, at its core, creating a predetermined series of emails delivered over time, by specific triggers, to specific people on a specific email list. The best part of email automation is that you won’t have to lift a finger after the initial setup and design.

Unlike regular email campaigns, automated flows are always running in the background. With automation, you can send personalized emails to each individual, from new customers to VIP buyers, without taking precious time from other vital areas of your business.

Aside from our initial setup and design costs, your email marketing software charges you based on your subscribers. New businesses can get started with free plans and scale accordingly.

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