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Feeding the insatiable beast known as the social media monster is challenging enough; never mind for someone as busy as you are.

It may be tempting to assign this duty to your resident in-house teenager known for their Tik-Tok dances to save costs, but do you trust them to build an effective social media marketing campaign that delivers?


Before anything else, you need to establish your desired outcome for your social media campaign. Are you looking to grow your online following? Increase your website traffic? Maybe you’re a new business and want to promote brand awareness. Taking the time to sit down and map out your strategy is the first and arguably most crucial step to any marketing plan.

With clear goals put into place, you can now consider which course of action you want to take to achieve these objectives. With this foundation built, you’re in the perfect position to leverage social media to your advantage.

Need help putting together a killer social media marketing strategy?

Blasting out content hoping you’ll get the traction you’re looking for doesn’t work — believe us (we’ve tried). To create a viral post, you need to target the audience who is most likely to be interested in your content in the first place! By crafting a hyper-specific buyer persona, you can learn everything you need about your audience — how they communicate, where they hang out, and how you can reach them most effectively.

By speaking your ideal customer’s language and putting your message in the perfect spot at the perfect time, you’ll find yourself in the optimal position for success. Are you a florist who wants to reach engaged brides-to-be? Consider utilizing Pinterest ads with a focus on bouquet arrangements. A print shop trying to reach local businesses? Consider a LinkedIn campaign or paid ads.

The possibilities are endless when you genuinely know your audience. Need helpfinding your future brand advocates? Let us help!

The secret ingredient to winning at social: content. Bill Gates said it best in the ’90s: Content is King. This has remained true ever since and especially applies to social media marketing. Put simply, you can’t have an effective social media campaign without amazing content.

The content is where all the information you have about your ideal customers, branding, unique selling proposition, and goals come together. By combining all of  these elements and crafting them into wicked content, such as graphics, blogs, and videos that are engaging, entertaining, and educational, you’ll win the attention and loyalty of your target audience.

Crafting impactful content takes time — lots of it. If you’re ready to stand out on social and create the best content in your space but don’t have the time to do it, contact us today!

Now that your content is turning heads on the web, you need to take that hardearned attention and direct it exactly where you want it. How do you do that? A firm call to action statement!

Social media marketing is like any other form of communication, which means it is best to be direct. A call-to-action (CTA) is a critical component of your marketing strategy that should never be overlooked. A CTA that works dictates what the viewer needs to do next — in a persuasive, straightforward way. Succinct, simple language is the key here — no need to get fancy. Make the purchase easy for your buyers using phrases such as the famous ‘BUY NOW.’ Alternatively, something like ‘OFFER ENDS SOON!’ will create a sense of urgency
and illicit an impulse to act.

Successful social media marketers know that posting your content isn’t just as simple as… well, posting it. You need to post your content at the right time, on the right platforms, and in the right formats. Each social media platform has specific guidelines you need to follow, such as content dimensions, hashtags, ideal posting times, etc.

If you’re like most businesses, you probably find being consistent with your socialposting to be overwhelming. There are so many different platforms constantly being updated with new features that you need to learn to succeed. The worst part is that not keeping up with this ever-changing landscape can result in missed opportunities and wasted content.

If you need a team you can trust to stay up to date with the current market trends and post on your behalf, contact us!

Now that the dust has settled and the campaign is over, it’s time to crunch the numbers and make some insights! Analyzing the data on your social media posts is paramount in your overall social media marketing strategy.

Take your analytics and line them up to the initial goals we set at the beginning of this journey. What worked? What didn’t? Did your campaign hit the mark or miss it entirely? Being honest with yourself and the results of your campaign will make the difference in your next attempt being a hit or a dud.

Remember that every campaign’s data has some insight you can learn about what you can do better going forward. If you need help analyzing your data, we’d be glad to help!

Reach Your Marketing Goals & Engage Authentically With Your Audience

As one of the most versatile and cost-effective marketing channels, being on social media is no longer optional for most brands — it’s required. Since we started managing clients’ social media accounts in 2015, we’ve seen a massive shift in your customers’ time spent on social media.

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As a smaller marketing team, we can work closely and adapt quickly to you and your business. We’ve worked with businesses across the world in virtually every industry — which means we are up to date with current trends and what’s happening in your industry. Most importantly, we’re quick on our feet and can churn out captivating content for your audience day after day after day.

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